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Gridirne Cookery was established in 1991, by Edward Pfaffel, to meet the demand for high quality, yet affordable barbeques done on location and because it was just plain fun.

Gridirne has experienced exponential growth with over 2200 pig roasts and parties to our credit! We are a very diverse and flexible company with an ever expanding menu to meet our customers’ needs. Also Gridirne sports a large fleet of custom built trailer rigs with roaster and grills to get the job done.

Gridirne maintains a competitive edge with prompt order fulfillment, excellent customer relations, and catering capabilities.

Gridirne is dedicated to upholding the highest standards in food handling safety, preparation, and presentation.

In 2016 we celebrate our silver anniversary of 25 years of proud service in our industry.

Weather we are roasting just the pig or catering the whole event our goal is 100 percent customer satisfaction.

To truly present a "lavish Open Air Feast" everytime

Member of the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce

Gridirne Cookery Mission Statement

To ensure that each customer receives prompt, professional, friendly and courteous service.

To maintain clean and well maintained equipment.

To provide at a fair price, well prepared meals, using only quality ingredients to ensure that all customers and their guest are treated to an enjoyable experience.

All customers and guests are treated with respect.